Kriptomat Exchange Launches World’s First Gamified Blockchain Rewards Program

Kriptomat Exchange Launches World’s First Gamified Blockchain Rewards Program

This article was originally posted on The News – a trusted site covering numerous topics related to since 2012. Estonia, Europe 12th of August […]
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Kriptomat Exchange Launches World’s First Gamified Blockchain Rewards Program

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DASH Core Launches New Wallet Upgrade Veresion After An Attempted Spam On The Network

On August 15, , announced it had an abnormally high number of transactions on its network with close to one million transactions on hold. The Dash development team is yet to find the exact cause of the load in the system but reports show it’s was someone outside the community development team or a […]
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DASH Core Launches New Wallet Upgrade Veresion After An Attempted Spam On The Network

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Particl Launches Hack-Proof and Fee-Less Online Marketplace

Particl Launches Hack-Proof and Fee-Less Online Marketplace

.io, a leading blockchain project has announced the launch of its online marketplace that promises users superior privacy than other online stores and the site also supports a vast array of cryptos, making life easier for users.

Particle is a completely decentralized blockchain project and the ecosystem is powered by its native privacy-centric altcoin called PART.

At a time when many people still find it a herculean task spending their cryptos, without sacrificing their privacy, the Particl team has taken it upon itself to solve this great problem.

Particl enables users to purchase and sell goods seamlessly without having to submit their personal information to the merchant, excepting the exact shipping address the product will be sent to.

This makes the Particl platform the most secure and private online marketplace in existence. 

That’s not all, users of the platform also enjoy commission-free transactions, due to the fact that there are no third-parties on the platform, unlike other platforms that charge sellers up to 45% of the cost of the sold item.

This excellent advantage makes it possible for sellers on Particl to reduce the prices of their products, thereby attracting more customers than their competitors and making more profit in the long run.

Thanks to Particl’s business model of “no third party,” as well as the integration of robust privacy protocols, the team gives users 100% guarantee that their sensitive data can never be given to third parties.

The importance of privacy in online platforms can never be overemphasized, as a good number of platforms have experienced massive heists that enabled hackers to steal not only people’s information but the business secrets of the victims also.

While platform such as OpenBazaar is the pioneers of crypto-friendly online stores, Particl has however upped the ante by adopting a decentralized business model and prioritizing privacy.

That’s not all, Particl also uses a double escrow system that requires no third-parties or fees, to eliminate the issue of fraud, while fostering trade insurance.

To crown it all, Particl redistributes the listing fees it earns to its global network since it operates an entirely decentralized model devoid of intermediaries.

Paul Schmitzer, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Particl said:

“Using a combination of P2P and blockchain tech, Particl Open Marketplace can offer a verifiably private shopping experience that ensures no user data can be created or collected by any other person than the one you’re transacting with.”




Email: [email protected]

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Particl Launches Hack-Proof and Fee-Less Online Marketplace

Related posts Launches Lamborghini Giveaway in its Golden Ticket Contest Launches Lamborghini Giveaway in its Golden Ticket Contest

.in, a top faucet is looking to giveaway the Huracan to the lucky winner of its Golden Ticket Competition.

During the bitcoin bull run of 2017, Lamborghinis became quite synonymous with the crypto space, as a good number of crypto big whales purchased the expensive sports car with their gains.

During the Coindesk Consensus 2018 summit, all kinds of Lambos were cited outside the York Hilton Midtown, attracting the attention of both passersby and attendees alike. Since that time, Lambos became a status symbol and the mark of success in the super volatile crypto-verse.


Established in 2013, boasts of an impressive 25.1 million registered users and it has distributed more than 187,000 BTC since that time.

That’s not all, also doubles as the world’s oldest bitcoin faucet still in existence as well as the largest bitcoin casino.

Since Lambos have become quite prestigious and popular in the crypto space, has decided to set the Lamborghini Huracan as a prize to be given to the winner of its Golden Ticket Contest.

The Golden Ticket Competition

The Golden Ticket Contest has been live since May this year. Commenting on the contest, CEO of said:

“Owning a Lamborghini is a crypto-enthusiasts dream, and we could not think of a better prize to reward our users for supporting the novel technology of cryptocurrency through its ups and downs.”

To stand a chance of winning the Lambo, a user is required to deposit funds into his/her FreeBitco account, play the HI-LO dice game or place a bet and collect Golden Tickets.

For every 0.005 BTC wagered on the platform, the bettor will receive a Golden Ticket. Alternatively, a Golden Ticket can be purchased for 25,000 satoshis each.

Users can collect as many tickets as possible to increase their chances of winning the Lambo on offer and at the end of the contest, the FreeBitco team will organize a provably fair lottery draw to pick the winner.

So far, over three million Golden Tickets have been distributed to players, however, there are still millions of tickets to be given out.




Email: [email protected]

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Source: zycrypto Launches Lamborghini Giveaway in its Golden Ticket Contest

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Hivereck Launches Innovative Crypto Trading Bot for Experts and New Traders

Hivereck Launches Innovative Crypto Trading Bot for Experts and New Traders

, a software development firm based in the U.K., has unveiled an , easy-to-use,  crypto trading bot suitable for both professional traders and crypto newbies.

Due to the increasing difficulties professional crypto and forex traders encounter while trying to correctly predict price movement, most forward-thinking traders are now using arbitrage trading to scale the hurdle.

The Hivereck trading bot is designed to assist traders in boosting profit, while also mitigating transaction exposure.

For the uninitiated, arbitrage trading is simply a trading strategy that makes it possible for traders to purchase digital assets at very low prices and sell higher on global exchanges, thereby generating massive profits.

Back in the days, crypto traders were required to completely understand critical parameters such as fees structure of exchanges, as well as their API’s in order to place winning trades.

Hivereck Changing the Narrative

The primary objective of the Hivereck bot is to give all traders irrespective of their level of expertise, an opportunity to succeed in their trades.

It creates a level playing field for everyone by making it possible for traders to place trades with a vast array of currency pairs between different exchanges to enable them to take advantage of price differentials.

To use the Hivereck bot, interested traders are expected to register on the platform, activate their accounts and deposit cryptos into their wallet.

Once the Hivereck team verifies the accounts of users, they’ll be able to trade with fiat currencies and withdraw funds on a 24-hours basis depending on the value of their digital assets.

Hivereck supports a vast array of cryptocurrencies including (BTC), litecoin, ether, QTM, as well as fiat USD.

The platform also supports over 75 international crypto exchanges and 1,500 markets, giving traders verified users maximum exposure.

It’s worth noting that prices of digital assets vary across exchanges from 1 to 15 percent, giving arbitrage traders a huge opportunity to earn massive profits between 2 to 7 percent daily and profits can be withdrawn after 24 hours of executing the trade.

About Hivereck

As stated earlier Hivereck is an arbitrage crypto trading platform that supports many currency pairs on various exchanges. It trades these cryptos with both its funds as well as those deposited and locked on its platform by traders around the world.



Email: [email protected]

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Hivereck Launches Innovative Crypto Trading Bot for Experts and New Traders

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Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

Niko Technologies, a white-label blockchain solution provider, today announced the launch of their unique turn-key solutions. The solutions allow anyone interested in crypto business to get it up and running within a few weeks and provide unmatched service offerings to customers all around the world.


Niko Technologies is a white-label payment and solutions provider based in Tallinn, Estonia.

The company offers unique white-label solutions giving anyone the ability to enter the blockchain payment industry in the short term and provide outstanding services. With already established banking, exchange liquidity, legal, and technological frameworks, NT have got everything to deliver an efficient, ready-to-run business.

White-label solutions

NT’s clients get fully-customizable products branded to their businesses.

White-Label Crypto Exchange

Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

White-label Crypto Exchange allows anyone to start his or her own crypto exchange business for secure and popular altcoins trading. The market-first solution makes it easy to buy and sell coins for 35+ regular currencies in 53 countries covered by SEPA, SWIFT, ACH/Fedwire. Unlike High-frequency trading (HFT) platforms, WL Exchange stands for providing an easy-to-run exchange business with no prior coin trading experience. The solution includes two NT’s stand-alone exchangers designed for both desktop and mobile users.

White-Label Crypto Gateway

Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

WL Gateway offers the possibility to become a real cryptoprocessor and provide businesses with the opportunity to accept crypto payments online or at a PoS with no volatility, fraud, and chargebacks.

The solution enables merchants to receive settlements directly to their bank accounts in 24 hours after the purchase. To accept crypto payments and get settlements, hardly any knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain is required: an automated system makes all processes extremely easy.

For a comprehensive payment experience, WL Gateway comes with an agile back office to streamline all business-related processes and optimize service delivery.

Using one master account, merchants can set up and track multiple websites and PoSs as well as send and receive email invoices to accept payments without an existing website.

This simplifies management tasks and allows for better control over the business.

White-Label Crypto Wallet

Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

White-label Wallet is a customizable solution that enables any transactional business to offer global multi-currency payments. It allows consumers to store, buy, sell, convert, and spend trusted cryptocurrencies and regular funds with no risk and hassle. With White-label Wallet users can make instant exchanges using the following currency pairs: fiat-to-fiat, crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto. The wallet runs both as a web client and a mobile app (iOS/Android).

Advantages of setting up a business with NT

With a ready-made infrastructure, Niko Technologies got everything to set up an effective crypto business for any client. Therefore, one can focus on marketing strategy and customer acquisition, skipping the burdens of building and maintaining necessary frameworks.

Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

All company’s solutions comply with GDPR requirements and are protected under the following licenses issued in the EU:

Financial Institution Operating License Virtual Currency Wallet Service License Virtual Currency Exchange Service License

To see how Niko Technologies turn-key solutions can be used to set up your own business or be integrated into an existing one, reach out to the team at [email protected] or visit their page for more information.

Media contacts:

Niko Technologies OÜ
Kseniia Breslavska
[email protected]

+ 372 880 79 04

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Niko Technologies launches turn-key solutions for the blockchain payment industry

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Bitfinex launches new decentralized exchange: DeversiFi

Cryptocurrency Bitfinex is launching a high-speed decentralized exchange called DiversiFi. The service will allow users to execute orders directly from their private wallets. According to a press release shared with CryptoSlate, DeversiFi will replace the company’s Ethfinex exchange.

An advanced Ethereum decentralized exchange

Ethfinex Trustless, a community-driven exchange developed by , will be evolving into DeversiFi, the company announced in a press release shared with CryptoSlate. The new exchange will exist independently from Bitfinex and will offer multiple new features the company has been working on for the past two years.

DeversiFi will deliver deep order books, narrow spreads and fast execution speeds, the company said, while providing the same performance large, centralized exchanges do. Bitfinex also claimed that DeversiFi is the first and only high-speed decentralized exchange that allows traders to execute orders of any size directly from their private wallets.

The exchange will introduce leveraged trading while keeping margin trading as simple as possible. Lending features will also be provided on the platform, allowing traders to lend directly within the Deversifi interface.

Successful scaling of Ethfinex

Will Harborne, the CEO of DeversiFi, said the new decentralized exchange was a “necessary next step forward” towards the company’s goal of providing a premium service to its clients. Ethfinex Trustless had successfully scaled to the point where users could expect the same performance as that of a centralized exchange.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, echoed the statement saying the achievements made by the Ethfinex team have been “incredible.” He also added that DeversiFi was on the right path to facilitate the transition to a decentralized financial world.

According to the company’s press release, all previous users of Ethfinex Centralized will automatically be moved to Bitfinex after it officially closes in September 2019. In the meantime, DeversiFi will be launching new products and features. We are yet to see how Bitfinex’s promises hold up in the next few weeks when more users get on the DeversiFi platform.

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Bitfinex launches new decentralized exchange: DeversiFi

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Astrome Launches ICO, Gears up to Revolutionise Satellite Internet for Emerging Economies

has launched the public sale of their tokenised internet-from-space service. The company is on a mission to revolutionise the delivery of broadband internet in developing economies. 

Astrome, a deep tech space start-up, is making headway towards its mission to radically transform the satellite internet with the broadband services it plans to provide. It has designed a satellite constellation that will complement terrestrial fibre and support the expansion of 4G and upcoming 5G networks. It will also meet the ever-increasing data demand from consumers and Content Distribution Networks like Netflix and Amazon. Having developed and patented its millimetre wave wireless communication technology, Astrome is now gearing up to launch SpaceNet, a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of 198 ultra-High Throughput Satellites (ultra-HTS). The company has built its financial layer using blockchain technology. Its recently launched Initial Coin Offering adheres to the guidelines set out in the French PACTE law, allowing people to pre-purchase internet capacity as tokens. 

Today, the demand for internet traffic is skyrocketing due to the dominance of video content and is expected to surge even higher with the imminent 5G wave. Astrome is uniquely positioned to cater to this voracious appetite for data, thanks to the total network capacity of 24Tbps that SpaceNet offers. This in turn, will fuel the 5G revolution with SpaceNet satellite backhaul services. These satellites will also provide high bandwidth and affordable connectivity over oceans, bringing unprecedented, shore-like services to maritime users. This would remarkably improve the current state-of-the-art maritime connectivity which is sparingly available and exorbitantly priced. The constellation will also provide Direct-to-home (DTH) internet. Users will require just a flat-box shaped integrated antenna equipment mounted on a rooftop to avail these services. 

These services will be provided to emerging economies located in South-Asia, South-east Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Australia, and a portion of North America, including several major shipping and air routes in these regions. In order to stay at the forefront of internet revolution, Astrome has built its financial layer on the SpaceWave blockchain. The satellite constellation enables a distributed network architecture allowing for location agnostic delivery of internet services. By integrating this solution with a distributed public ledger, Astrome aims to encourage smaller players in the space and internet industry. 

These SpaceWave tokens are initially based on ERC20 platform. Astrome will issue a total volume of 1 billion tokens to begin with, of which 200 million will be issued in a private sale and 400 million will be available for the public sale of tokens in the form of an Initial Coin Offering (). 

The private sale of the token is currently underway. This is an opportunity for purchasers to make large investments at preferential rates; those interested should contact Astrome immediately. The public sale started on July 23rd, 2019 and will close on September 23rd, 2019. These tokens can be purchased in Fiat as well as in several crypto currencies. 

Once Astrome’s mainnet is launched, each ERC20 based token will be traded for one native token. After this migration, the token circulation will steadily increase to 2 billion from block rewards over a period of 15 years. These rewards will be given for mining the 120-second-blocks. Astrome has chosen to employ the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism to validate these transactions on the blockchain, making it more energy efficient.


Twitter: @AstromeTech

Facebook: astrometech

Telegram: astrometech_group

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IranRescueBit Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser to Aid Flood Victims

A grassroots crowdfunding campaign, dubbed IranRescueBit, is raising to bring aid to Iranians impacted by a series of devastating floods, an attempt to bring relief to the country as U.S. sanctions have hindered international aid efforts.

Beginning in March and extending into April of 2019, Iran suffered multiple bouts of catastrophic flooding. Three waves of heavy rains inundated 28 provinces in the Middle Eastern country — roughly two-thirds of the country’s landmass. 

Two weeks of unrelenting flash flooding damaged 269 cities and 5,148 villages, displacing nearly 300,000 Iranians, killing 78 and injuring 1,000 more. Alongside the precious cost of human life, the floods inflicted some $2.5 billion in damages.

The Lack of Aid to Iran

While some international media covered the tragedy, it went largely unnoticed and underreported. Even worse, the Trump administration’s sanctions against the country in response to the dissolution of the Iran Nuclear Deal have largely hindered international humanitarian organizations from injecting aid into the country, even though humanitarian causes are supposed to be exempt from sanctions under international law.

Some aid from the Iranian government and from foreign entities has provided a modicum of relief to the aggrieved survivors of the flood, but a mission statement shared with Bitcoin Magazine opined that “the volume of financial and non-financial international aid to Iran’s flood victims has been insignificant compared to responses witnessed to natural catastrophes in other countries.”

Thankfully, a group of cryptocurrency advocates in the country have drummed up a solution to circumvent these sanctions: Bitcoin.


Iran is home to a fervent and tight-knit cryptocurrency community, so in the wake of the floods, it decided to take action. 

“The local cryptocurrency community decided to launch this campaign because, according to Iranian officials, the international bank accounts of the IRCS [non-governmental humanitarian organization Iranian Red Crescent Society] have been blocked due to United States sanctions,” the mission statement shared with Bitcoin Magazine reads. 

That’s why the IranRescueBit turned to Bitcoin to bolster fundraising efforts. Given the network’s global and decentralized infrastructure and non-reliance on traditional banking structures, bitcoin can circumvent U.S. sanctions without fear of confiscation or financial blockade. 

The grassroots campaign was announced on August 13, 2019, at Sharif University in Tehran, accompanied by the launch of a website with the same name accepting donations. Spearheaded by Hamed Salehi, Way2Pay’s Reza Ghorbani and Blockchain Innovation Lab’s Mostafa Naghipourfar, the fundraise will accept bitcoin, ether and litecoin for a month. The effort, which has been in contact with the IRCS, has received no aid, financial or otherwise, from the Iranian government.

“The only thing we expect from the Iranian government is to do nothing because the community is dynamic enough and has many creative individuals who know what to do,” Salehi said at the press conference at Sharif University. 

Once the campaign has concluded, IranRescueBit intends to pass the philanthropic buck to IRCS, first liquidating all of the donated funds into the Iranian rial through “a credible local .” Salehi even espoused that the organization is prepared to hand over the initiative to the IRCS if it receives adequate support and confidence from the society.

At the conference, Salehi said that he hopes the campaign demonstrates the practical uses of cryptocurrencies and dispels stigma surrounding mining, drugs and money laundering.

Indeed, bitcoin has already proven itself as censorship-resistant, resilient payment option amid economic turmoil and the U.S.’s suffocating sanctions. Ziya Sadr, for instance, an Iranian Bitcoin enthusiast and technology writer who was involved in the passing of the Lightning Torch, told Bitcoin Magazine that “Bitcoin is a safe-haven” in the country. With it, he was able to purchase a VPN to access restricted services and sites like Telegram and Reddit, even as PayPal, Mastercard and other financial avenues have been closed due to the sanctions. Working as a freelance writer and translator for non-Iranian employers, he has also accepted his salary in bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining has also become a reliable source of income for crypto-savvy Iranians, though the government has been cracking down on mining operations as of late (though it may ease off soon if legislation passes). 

Meanwhile, Sweden-based exchange LocalBitcoins pulled trading support in the country, citing U.S. sanctions, though other decentralized exchanges like Hold Hodl and Bisq doubled down on their commitment to Iran by adding support for Farsi and keeping their operations active in the country.

If you’d like to donate, please follow this link to IranRescueBit’s website.

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IranRescueBit Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser to Aid Flood Victims

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Seed SEF Launches Physically-Settled BTC Derivatives Testing

The user accepted testing environment will carry on through early August.
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Seed SEF Launches Physically-Settled BTC Derivatives Testing

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