The Bitcoin Game #62: Michel Rauchs of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Welcome to episode 62 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. Michel Rauchs is the and lead at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF). For the past few years, Michel has devoted life to studying the space, and he’s been a big part of several comprehensive studies that dig into many aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll see Michel and reports cited in tons of articles, particularly those that focus on Bitcoin’s energy use. I hope you enjoy Michel as guest on today’s episode.


Michel Rauchs on Twitter

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

CCAF (2017) – Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study

CCAF (December 2018) – 2nd‚Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study (Section 7 has mining stats and map)

CCAF (August 2018) – Distributed Ledger Technology Systems

Marc Bevand (2017) – Electricity consumption of Bitcoin

Michel’s 2018 Blog post, “A note on censorship resistance”

Michel Rauchs, Xmas Lecture (December 2017)


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The Bitcoin Game #62: Michel Rauchs of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

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