New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies

A New Service Aimed at Freelancers Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies

There’s a new freelancing platform called Freelance for Coins that provides users with the ability to publish offers and bids for cryptocurrencies. In order to help facilitate deals between users, the service not only allows people to publish their bids and offers, but also provides them with a messenger for chatting. It also enables crypto invoices for coins like BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, and a few stablecoins.

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Freelance for Coins Offers a Free Service for Professionals Interested in Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies are a great way for freelancers to get paid online because people can get paid immediately, there are no chargebacks, and the funds can be sent in a permissionless manner. A new service called Freelance for Coins aims to promote the use of digital assets and freelance work by enabling users to place offers and bids for freelance services. The platform has been operating for about a week now.

New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies
Posting a project on Freelance for Coins.

“I am proud to introduce you to our new project,â€� explained the founder of Freelance for Coins during the launch. “All freelance work for cryptocurrencies — Currently there are no platform fees — Guaranteed payment for freelancers.â€�

The founder added:

Freelance for Coins aims to help solve problems skilled workers face in order to create a more efficient global job market, reducing the friction experienced in the present-day freelancing process.

New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies
Offer list has services like writing, website creation, social media marketing, web scraping services, and translations.

Invoices for 12 Cryptocurrencies

Signing up for the service is intuitive and only requires an email address and password. At the moment there are a bunch of offers from freelancers on the main feed offering services for things like Python development, writing, website creation, social media marketing, web scraping services, and translations. Offers show a description of the service offered and a starting price. Below the description, there is a “buy this offer� button which leads to a message area where users can conduct a deal in a peer-to-peer fashion. After the two parties reach an agreed price, an invoice can be created in the message center for cryptocurrencies BTC, TUSD, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, USDC, USDT, XLM, TRX, DASH, and XMR.

New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies
Freelance for Coins messaging.

Freelance for Coins also has a roadmap, and during its first week, the developer integrated the following features: the ability to publish and edit projects, bidding for projects, bidding for offers, chat services for offers and bids, and crypto invoices. The project’s founder also plans to add a rating and review system, anonymous feedback, social profile integration (Linkedin, Github, Reddit, etc.), and automatic detection of transactions.

New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies
Freelance for Coins provides invoicing for 12 cryptocurrencies.

Despite the Bear Market, Freelancers Are Offering Services for Crypto

“We believe that every freelancer in the future will have had at least one project done for crypto and every year cryptocurrency adoption grows with no stopping in sight,â€� explains a Freelance for Coins blog post. “We plan to take it slowly and attract users and earn their trust over time, adding new features and making this site more and more usable every day.â€�

For now, the service is free but the Freelance for Coins roadmap says that it may add an escrow service for 1-2% commission but the startup recommends using pre-payment and milestone payments for now. This week the platform’s developer also added categories for offers so people can filter for kinds of services they are looking for. The founder of the freelance application updated the community on Feb. 27 and the service has managed to capture a slew of freelancers.

“Despite the bear market in crypto, many people are very willing to offer their services for crypto,� the founder detailed.

What do you think about the Freelance for Coins platform? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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New Freelancing Platform Supports 12 Different Cryptocurrencies

Proof of Love Ep. 4 Julia Brave the World

Julia Brave the World has been a staple in the crypto community for years. She is known not to shy from controversial positions, and this show is no different. In this episode of Proof Of Love, we explore femininity, motherhood, pornography, dating apps, and polyamory with our ladies. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued, and some good insight was shared for people wondering what do women think about all this dating app stuff? What’s it like to get hit on, and what makes people act the way they do online vs in real life? What drives inappropriate behavior, and what’s missing from modern courtship?

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Proof of Love Ep. 4 Julia Brave the World

Coinbase faces criticism over acquisition of Neutrino; releases official statement to defend its accretion

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges has recently been on the fiery end of a debate over its recent controversial acquisition of Neutrino, a startup which focused on blockchain analysis and used public blockchain data to trace cryptocurrency transactions. Neutrino, an Italy-based company was founded in 2016 and is led by Giancarlo Russo, Marco […]
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Coinbase faces criticism over acquisition of Neutrino; releases official statement to defend its accretion

XRP Added to Coinbase Consumer Exchange, XRP Price Remains Flat

Less than a week after the announcement of full trading support for XRP on the Coinbase Pro division of the San Francisco-based brokerage and exchange platform, the same functionality is coming to the consumer-facing wing of the firm. In addition, full support will be made available on both the Android and iOS Coinbase applications.

Unlike following the previous announcement, the XRP price has remained consistent. The news that the digital asset was being launched on Coinbase Pro was greeted with a short-term price dump, followed by a quick retrace back down.

XRP Buying and Selling Comes to the Average Coinbase User

As reported in a recent blog post, the XRP digital asset will be fully supported at the well-known brokerage and exchange platform from today. Many in the digital currency community have been calling for the trading venue giant to add XRP for some time now. They finally got their way with full support already going live at the popular trading venue earlier today.

The blog post states that users of (the main consumer-facing department of the exchange), as well as its Android and iOS applications can now “buy sell convert, send, receive, or store XRP”. However, not all users will benefit from the expanded offerings immediately. Those customers accessing Coinbase from either the UK or the state of New York will have to wait until a currently undisclosed date to take advantage of the new listing.

As part of the blog post detailing the launch of XRP support, Coinbase state that it expects greater numbers of new digital assets will be coming to the platform in the future. This has been made possible with the updated listing process it launched last September. The stated goal with regards listing new assets, according to Coinbase itself, is:

“Our goal is to rapidly list all assets that meet our standards and are compliant with local law, while providing our customers with the tools to discover, evaluate, trade, and use digital assets.”

Coinbase also state that it is providing information about all the assets it lists to help bring new users up-to-speed with the differences in the technologies. The Coinbase Learn platform covers a wide range of topics, from introductions to Bitcoin itself, to securing assets, and taking up position in various cryptos.

XRP Price Unmoved by Seemingly Positive News

Unlike the previous announcement of XRP support coming to Coinbase Pro, today’s news has been barely reflected in the market. The price of XRP had surged by over 10 percent following Tuesday’s news but sharply fell the next day.

By contrast, today’s announcement has not been greeted with either an increase in buying or selling pressure and XRP is currently trading almost exactly where it was 24 hours ago. This is likely due to the fact that support at was strongly hinted in the earlier announcement. However, it has been launched much quicker than many were expecting.


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XRP Added to Coinbase Consumer Exchange, XRP Price Remains Flat

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Counter Argument: A Caracas-Based Journalist Says Bitcoin is Not Saving Venezuela

While Venezuela’s economy continues to suffer under the haphazard mismanagement by Nicolás Maduro, it has caused the country’s citizens to rely on Bitcoin as a currency, store of value, and its use to transfer funds across borders.

Bitcoin has been at the center of many discussions claiming that the entire country is turning to the leading crypto by market cap, with one recent op-ed in the New York Times offering up a story how it saved one struggling Venezuelan citizen’s family. However, a new counter-argument is suggesting that Bitcoin’s usage and dominance in the economically strapped country is extremely overstated, and is instead is being used to fuel cryptocurrency-promoting campaigns.

Argument: Bitcoin Is Saving Families During the Venezuela Economic Crisis

A recent opinion piece published by the New York Times entitled “Bitcoin Has Saved My Family,� has the crypto world buzzing. Bitcoin’s deflationary design, its existence outside the control of governments and financial institutions, and its use as a store of value and transactional currency make the first ever cryptocurrency especially valuable for nations in economic turmoil or those without meaningful banking infrastructure.

The article’s author told a tale of how due to the rapidly declining value of the bolivar – Venezuela’s fiat currency – he buys Bitcoin from LocalBitcoins and uses it to send money to family members, or cashes it out to the bolivar when its time to actually spend money on essentials such as groceries, or in the article’s example, a carton of milk.

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Many may wonder why someone would prefer to keep their spending money in Bitcoin when the price of the cryptocurrency has declined over 84% since it’s all-time high price of $20,000, however, bolivar’s annual inflation rate in 2018 was nearly 1.7 million percent. To avoid the value of the author’s funds from falling too much, he finds Bitcoin to be a safer method that better preserves its value.

Counter-Argument: Venezuela’s Reliance on Bitcoin Is Far Overstated

Recently, a counter-argument was made against the New York Times piece, penned by a journalist from Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. The author details how, despite conflicting reports and dominant majority trading volume on LocalBitcoins originating from Venezuela, the country is “not becoming a Bitcoin nation.�

The author himself previously published an article about “how Bitcoin is a lifeline for some Venezuelans,� he doesn’t want to “overstate the popularity of bitcoin in Venezuela.�

“And please don’t use our crisis to attract attention to your crypto campaign,� the author pleads.

The author claims that although the nation has its own native cryptocurrency in the oil-backed Petro, and many are indeed turning to Bitcoin, the country’s citizens are still generally confused by crypto, and don’t yet trust the asset class as a medium of exchange. Others outright think it’s a scam, or lack the technological infrastructure to even access cryptocurrency.

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“Venezuela’s Internet continues to deteriorate, as the government manages most of country’s telecommunications concessions. Once you get far from the big cities it is even harder to get an good Internet connection. Smartphones, which tend to be priced in dollars, are even more expensive for Venezuelans now,� the author reveals.

In conclusion, the author believes that Bitcoin being a savior for the country has been overblown by the cryptocurrency community, and that Venezuelans would rather fight harder to earn income in their native fiat currency, and find other workarounds to deal with the government’s tightening grip that don’t include cryptocurrency.

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Counter Argument: A Caracas-Based Journalist Says Bitcoin is Not Saving Venezuela