Buy Bitcoin with credit card in your wallet

Now you can buy bitcoin directly in your wallet with just a credit card.

We are very happy to announce that wallet users can buy bitcoin in their digital wallet worldwide*!

How to buy bitcoin?

First, create a new wallet or log in to your wallet. At the moment, the simple credit card checkout is available for web wallet users via Very soon, we will release this feature for iOS/ Android app users as well.

  • Next, navigate to the Bitcoin section of your wallet. To buy Bitcoin Cash, please follow our Bitcoin Cash tutorial.
  • Once you opened your Bitcoin wallet, choose “Buy” in the menu.
  • You can choose between two payment methods. To buy bitcoin with your credit card, select “Buy with Credit Card (Simplex)”.

1. Choose the amount

Enter the amount you would like to buy, either as USD, EUR or BTC. The tool will then display how much bitcoin/fiat that amount equals to. Accept the terms of use to continue.

A pop up window will remind you to note down the order ID for reference. The purchase will take place in Simplex.

2. Billing information

Next, fill out your billing information.

If it’s your first time to use Simplex, please verify your contact information.

3. Simple check out

Enter your credit card information to complete the purchase.

4. Verify your identity

You may be asked to provide additional verification to complete your purchase. If this is the case, please complete the verification step.

That’s all! Congratulations, enjoy your new bitcoin! 🙂


Is there a minimum amount to purchase?

The minimum amount to buy is USD 50, or equivalent in BTC or EUR.

How long does it take for the bitcoin to appear in my wallet?

The purchased bitcoin will be deposited in your wallet in 2–3 days on average.

*Who can use this tool?

Simplex supports most major credit cards and most countries worldwide, however few countries may not have access to the service.

Do I have to pay fees when I use the service?

The service fee is calculated for each purchase and is displayed before the checkout.

Missing your order id?

Under “Receive” > “My addresses” you can check your past initiated orders by searching for “simplex”.

Don’t have a wallet yet? Create a free web wallet at or download the app for iOS and Android. Get started with bitcoin today!

If you have questions or feedback, please send us a message to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Buy Bitcoin with credit card in your wallet