BCDiploma, the French ICO EdTech Which Will Compete With MIT: Don’t Miss the Presale!

BCDiploma is a team of EdTech experts, specialists in higher education for more than 10 years.

Since then, we still have the intuition that with the Ethereum blockchain we would be able to meet the expectations of higher education institutions by creating the “standard” of certification for the millions of diplomas issued each year in the world: BCDiploma.

  • Easy to deploy and use on a large scale
  • Secure and durable

Imagine that a single click will allow you, on LinkedIn for example, to access a diploma whose authenticity cannot be challenged. Imagine that this certified data is placed in the most secure place, without any time limit, in a decentralized way…

BCDiploma: A major innovation

The true innovation of BCDiploma is to place the encrypted data directly on Ethereum with all its authenticity proofs, thus avoiding all the complex manipulations of documents, hash, and proof sets to access reliable information.

BCDiploma has designed a totally innovative framework based on a cryptographic engine and a set of smart contracts, which respects the right of personal data (GDPR), and especially the right to be forgotten. This framework is designed to work with any data: the fields of application are countless (administrative data, registers, accreditations, civil status…).

That’s why BCDiploma will be competing directly with MIT’s solution, thanks to its innovative technology, ease of use and compliance with data rights regulations!

BCDT: The indispensable token

The BCDiploma ecosystem is based on an application token: the BCDT, which will be available for sale within the framework of the BCDiploma ICO, the presale of which will start on the 21st of December.

This token is essential to the functioning of BCDiploma and has been designed to gain value in proportion to the use of the solution. This initial sale of tokens will enable BCDiploma to “create the brand” in its first year of activity by equipping the world’s most prestigious universities.

ICO BCDiploma, the 100% winning presale

BCDiploma offers an innovative 100% winning presale:

  • If the minimum fundraising threshold (softcap) is not reached, the participants will be able to take back their contribution (in ETH).
  • If the fundraising is successful, the participants will receive BCDT tokens with a 20% bonus!

Join the BCDiploma presale and take part in the blockchain data certification revolution! The whitelist is open: https://www.bcdiploma.com/

Feel free to ask questions: join the community https://t.me/BCDiploma!

Images courtesy of BCDiploma

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BCDiploma, the French ICO EdTech Which Will Compete With MIT: Don’t Miss the Presale!