Buy bitcoin with your wallet! has partnered with US-based global digital asset exchange Kraken, leveraging its Kraken Direct service and allowing users to quickly and easily purchase bitcoin directly from the wallet.

Kraken Direct currently supports 49 US states, funding bitcoin purchases through ACH bank transfer. plans to expand bitcoin purchasing capabilities beyond the United States in the coming weeks.

How to buy bitcoin at

Note: The following steps apply to both the web and mobile wallet.

  1. Click or tap “Buy Bitcoins” on the menu sidebar.

2. Select your region (at this time, only users in the USA are able to buy bitcoin).

3. Select a purchase method (at this time, only Glidera is supported).

4. Create an account with or log in to Glidera.

5. Approve’s API request, enabling access to your Glidera account.

6. Enter your wallet password.

7. Enter the amount (in BTC or USD) that you wish to purchase.

8. Congratulations! You’ve purchased bitcoin. Funds will appear in your wallet as soon as your payment to Glidera has been cleared. (ACH transfers can take up to four business days.)

You can view your pending order on the main page in your wallet.

Contributing editor: Adam Kohut.

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Buy bitcoin with your wallet!