Claim your accelerated priority transactions!

Thanks to our mining pool, wallet users now save up to 94% on blockchain fees!

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If you’ve recently sent bitcoin, you might have noticed an upsurge in blockchain transaction fees. This has been a source of frustration for all of us, and we’ve received numerous emails from users expressing as such.

So, as one of the only bitcoin wallets with a mining pool, we are taking action.

To cope with increasing transaction fees, is testing a new beta feature!

That’s right — we’re giving our users accelerated priority transactions for the cost of low priority transactions. Wallets receive the ability to make three such transactions per month, while our dedicated funds for the service last.

To make the most of our offer — as far as we know the first of its kind — act now!

Visit your web wallet to make your first accelerated transaction!

Note: The push transaction service is a beta feature currently being tested on the web wallet only. It will be available on Android and iOS in the near future. reserves the right to refuse any transaction, and will not be held responsible for failed or delayed transactions. Miners in the mining pool will not be negatively financially affected, and will continue earning FPPS (full pay-per-share) subsidized by the wallet.

Contributing editor: Adam Kohut

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Claim your accelerated priority transactions!